Oakland and East Bay

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One of the major port cities in the West Coast, Oakland is the largest city in Alameda County and the East Bay region. In addition, the city also serves as the county’s seat of government. Sitting on a total area of approximately 78 square miles, Oakland is comprised of several metropolitan neighborhoods renowned for its sustainable practices and an ethnically diverse community. It’s a well-accepted fact throughout the United States that Oakland is one of the best places to live in the country. Aside from being an environmentally conscious city, Oakland’s youthful energy and business opportunities attract different types of people from all over. World-class attractions are scattered throughout the city, as well as renowned restaurants and entertainment facilities. Best of all, Oakland is known for being an inclusive community: everyone is welcome here. Oakland is located approximately 20 minutes away from San Francisco. Right outside its western borders are three natural reserves, and further beyond is the Lamorinda area of Contra Costa County.